Lonegrade creates watches to endure both time and trend.



Created by Jeremy Szechenyi and Travis Tyler, Lonegrade was born to set a new standard for American watches that embraces longevity and rejects the idea of having to constantly update your wrist. The classics don’t need upgrading, and that’s what we’ve set out to create. Equal parts timeless minimalism and modern American styling, the Lonegrade Collection is designed to endure both time and trend.

Some of our most prized possessions are the watches that have been handed down to us from our fathers and grandfathers. Wearing them allows us to feel connected with those people that are no longer with us. For us, watches represent something more meaningful than their basic utility. They embody the unique story of each wearer. Their accomplishments; the places they’ve been; the lives they lived.

With Lonegrade we want to champion the idea that a well made watch can and should experience more than one wrist in its lifetime — and, with enough time, it can become a totem that represents the cherished moments, places, and people in our lives.



Producing watches here in the U.S. was a very deliberate decision for our brand. There are plenty of amazing craftsmen overseas, but part of the passion behind Lonegrade is the desire to be completely engrossed in bringing our watches to life. Not only to have more say in what and how we’re creating, but also so we could remain obsessively dedicated to overseeing every detail of the watch design and manufacturing process.



We knew that creating the quintessential watch — one that would span multiple lifetimes without taking a lifetime to purchase — was possible. We just had to define and manage the process, from beginning to end. Built in the United States from domestic, Swiss and other imported parts, the HDR140 is our take on an everyday watch that blends the best of classic design elements and modern American minimalism. Premium materials, lasting construction, and timeless aesthetics means the HDR140 is a watch that will look as good in 25 years as it does today.