Creating value: an open letter from a new American watch company

Starting a brand is not for the faint of heart. It means building manufacturing relationships; designing and redesigning your product; living and breathing the meaning behind the story you're trying to tell and the products you want to create for the world. It's a scary, sometimes overwhelming process, especially for a small brand like ours. 

But what's kept us grounded is our vision. From the very beginning, our vision for Lonegrade has been to create watches that were worth holding onto. Not one that you'd wear for a year and inevitably disappear to the bottom of a junk drawer. Simply put, we think the only products worth building these days are ones that can outlive us — and that have the ability to create real, lasting connections between people over time.

The famous American designer and architect Charles Eames is often quoted for his furniture design philosophy to make "the best, for the most, for the least." Like Eames and the many designers that have taken this philosophy to heart, we're inspired by the idea of bringing value to as many people as we can.

When we asked ourselves how we could bring more value to you, our customers, it meant one of two things: either change what we were designing, or find new ways to streamline our manufacturing and run a bit leaner. The HDR140 is precisely the watch we set out to make, so nothing is changing there! But we've been slowly making adjustments in our process that will allow us to officially lower its price.

Starting now, the HDR140 with leather strap will begin retailing at $415. No components have changed. No corners cut. We've just made an executive decision to tighten up our manufacturing and take a smaller portion of profits from each sale to continue running our business. It’s our way of standing behind the commitment to providing you with the best watch we can make, for the lowest price we can offer.

Thanks everyone for your loyal support, and we look forward to showing you what else we've been working on.

- Jeremy and Travis, Lonegrade co-founders

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