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Welcome to My Lonegrade

Lonegrade timepieces are designed for the long haul — to stay with you through the years, and serve as a symbol of the important moments and great adventures in your life.

This page is dedicated to helping you get the most out of your watch. Here you’ll be able to register your watch, find information on maintenance, and opportunities to show us at Lonegrade the unique story of your own watch.


Getting Started

Use the links below to register your Lonegrade watch, read the owners manual or learn about our My Lonegrade feature.


Registering your Lonegrade

Fill out the form below to register your Lonegrade

Name *
Address *
The SKU Number is printed on the exterior of the watch box
The Lot Number is printed on the exterior of the watch box
Your order number is located in your order confirmation email.
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We want to see Lonegrade through your eyes.

My Lonegrade Feature 

Tag @Lonegrade and use #MyLonegrade in a picture of your Lonegrade watch and/or merchandise for a chance to be featured. If your Lonegrade watch is along for the ride on your next great adventure, we want to see it!