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HDR140 Owners Manual


Everything you’ll need to care for your new timepiece lives here.

Congratulations on choosing one of the HDR140 American watches from Lonegrade. Our watches are built using the highest quality materials and components, and are hand assembled by professional watch technicians here in the United States. Your HDR140 was designed and built to last more than a lifetime, but proper care is still important. Below you’ll find more detailed information about your watch and care techniques we recommend to ensure it continues looking and performing well for years.

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HDR140 Features



The HDR140 uses a Swiss Ronda Caliber 713 Quartz. This Swiss made, gold plated movement has 5 jewels, NIHS 91-10 shock resistance, 18.8 Oe magnetic resistance, and 3-year battery life.




The HDR140 is built using 316L stainless steel, which is a highly durable alloy resistant to rust and corrosion. 316L stainless steel is considered surgical grade steel meaning its hypoallergenic. 




The HDR140 features a stainless steel dial with raised stainless steel indices and numerals, a printed chapter ring, and a mystery dial. The mystery dial, used instead of a traditional hour hand, is comprised of a thin disc engineered with such tight tolerances that it appears to blend in with the dial.




All Lonegrade watches feature synthetic sapphire crystals, one of the hardest and most durable materials, with a coating of anti-reflective material on the inner surface to prevent glare.



Water Resistance

The HDR14 features water resistance rating of 10 ATM (100 meters / 330 feet) which is sufficient for perspiration, light rain, and limited water activities, such as swimming. However, 10ATM is not rated for diving or snorkeling.

The water-resistance of a timepiece protects the movement from dust, moisture, and risk of damage to the movement should it be immersed in water. It is important not to attempt to adjust the position of the crown while the timepiece is in contact with water. Water can enter the case causing damage to the movement.




The full grain leather strap is hand made in the United States from domestic cow hides and features quick release pins for fast strap changes. As full grain leather ages, it will develop a patina and unique character. 


HDR140 Settings


Setting the time

Pull the crown out until it clicks and turn it clockwise or counterclockwise to set the desired hour and minute time. The second hand will stop ticking while the crown is pulled out. As soon as the time has been set, push the crown in until it clicks and the second hand resumes ticking.




The HDR140 uses the 5-jewel Swiss Made Ronda Caliber 713 quartz movement which is powered by a battery and does not require winding.



Changing the watch strap

The HDR140 is fit with quick release buttons on the underside of the leather strap that compress the spring bar to remove or reattach the watch strap.

Locate the quick release buttons on the underside of the leather strap. To remove the watch strap, slide the button away from closest lug, tilt the corner upward, and lift the strap off the watch. To reattach, slide the button and repeat the steps in reverse.


HDR140 Care & Precaution

Each Lonegrade timepiece is designed and manufactured to the highest of quality standards. Unlike many mechanical objects, a watch is intended to operate non-stop. In order to ensure longevity and optimal performance from your HDR140 timepiece, please consider these simple guidelines for care and maintenance.



Clean your watch with a soft cloth and water only. If exposed to saltwater, rinse watch under tap water and wipe dry with a soft cloth.

We advise having your timepiece professionally serviced every 2 years to maintain water resistance, accuracy, and ensure longevity and trouble-free performance.




The HDR140 is a complex array of components assembled by skilled watch assembly technicians. There are certain action or environmental factors that can damage or prevent your timepiece’s ability to perform optimally. It is important to avoid using your timepiece in the following situations: exposure to wet conditions that exceed the water resistance rating, prolonged exposure to direct sunlight, extreme heat or cold.

The HDR140 should not be affected by magnetic fields generated by conventional household items, but we suggest avoiding strong electric fields, magnetic fields, or static electricity as they may interrupt the movement.

The HDR140 features NIHS 91-10 shock resistance and should not be affected by minor bumps or jolts. It is important to mitigate the potential for shock and impact, as these reduce the performance and longevity of the movement.



Power Saving Mechanism

The HDR140’s movement features a power saving mechanism to reduce battery consumption by 70%. To extend the life of your battery when not in use, pull the crown out until you feel it click.

When you are ready to use the timepiece again, set the time as needed and push the crown back in.


Warranty & Repairs



Lonegrade watches are protected by a 2-year warranty that covers manufacturing defects or damage directly resulting from manufacturing defects. Learn more about the Lonegrade warranty.




If you’re out of your warranty range, you’re not out of luck! We support our customers by providing comprehensive repair services for your Lonegrade watch for the lifetime of ownership. Learn more about Lonegrade repairs.